Sam Thompson star of Celebs Go Dating, Made in Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother is now a presenter for BUILD LDN.

BUILDing his Future: What Sammy Did Next

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A slim brown-haired fellow sneaks his head around the door and then ventures into the room, a little bashfully at first.

He’s quieter than you’d expect, polite to a fault, and he’s dressed down in skinnies and trainers.

You nod at him automatically because you’ve met him before.

Well, we all have.

He’s the everyman. He’s the boy next door. The type that mothers adore and eagerly proffer to their daughters.

And here he is now, checking in with the motherly (and fatherly) types in the audience, asking them how they are.

Promising the crowd that we won’t have to wait long until the show begins.

He has the brightest, brightest blue eyes.

He is bursting at the seams with positivity.

He is Sam Thompson.

Sam Thompson star of Celebs Go Dating is now a presenter for BUILD LDN.

Did it really take until series 6 of Made in Chelsea before the glossy show received its much-needed dose of down to earth geekdom?

For it wasn’t until 2013 that Louise Thompson’s younger brother entered our lives and began his metamorphoses from dorky sibling to bonafide sex symbol.

Yet, despite the onscreen handshake-dodging, date-crashing antics of last season, Sam Thompson remains a nice, loveable scamp.

If that sounds like a contradiction, just think of an excitable labrador who, in a fit of high spirits, rampages through your house – muddying the floor, knocking over the priceless vase from your grandmother – before doing a mess in your freshly made bed.

And then looks up at your wrathful self with those big woebegone eyes.

Who could resist?

Sam Thompson former Celebrity Big Brother contestant now is a presenter for BUILD LDN.

Unfortunately for Sam, Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo was able to resist him, and following their breakup he recently announced his departure from Made in Chelsea.

But personal disappointment has been followed by professional triumph, for along with a stint in Celebs Go Dating Sam has continued his role as a presenter for BUILD LDN – a live interview series featuring stars from entertainment, tech, fashion and business.

On this occasion he is to interview chart climbing singer-songwriter, Jack Savoretti.

Jack Savoretti is interviewed by Sam Thompson about his latest album, Singing to Strangers

When Sam bounds onto the stage ahead of the interview, he takes a moment to carefully rehearse his opening lines. Duly prepared, he then starts to enjoy himself, chatting to the audience about the love of his life – Game of Thrones.

Presenting is a good fit for Sam – he’s a people-person, as chatty with the audience before the cameras start rolling as he is with his celebrity guests.

He also has a quick sense of humour, which he frequently turns upon himself in that quintessentially British way.

Indeed, Sam often mocks his single status and would have us believe that he was alone on Valentine’s Day, clutching a bottle of red.

Some of us red-blooded females will find that a little hard to swallow.

Sam Thompson has left Made in Chelsea due to his breakup with Sophie Habboo

But it’s clear that Sam still sees himself as somewhat of a lovelorn geek.

And perhaps that’s why he is a good presenter; whoever is in front of him, whether a celebrity guest or member of the audience, he genuinely seems to believe that they are the most interesting person in the room.

He asks thoughtful questions, actually listens to the answers and seems happy to let others take centre stage.

After the highs and lows of Made in Chelsea, Sam Thompson isn’t the one under the microscope – and it’s probably a blessed relief.

You can watch Sam’s full interview with Jack Savoretti here to learn about the making of his latest album, Singing to Strangers.

Look out for An Idol Mind in the audience! I ask Jack where he gets his songwriting inspiration from and receive the in-depth response you’d expect from such an old soul.

Jack Savoretti interviewed in 2019 by Sam Thompson about his new album, Singing to Strangers

Described as “the feel-good album of the spring” you can buy a signed copy of Singing to Strangers on Jack Savoretti’s website.

Look out for more interviews from Sam Thompson at BUILD LDN and check out those baby blues on Instagram.



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