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Did the Season of Goodwill present Chloe Ayling with an apology?

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In the Season of Goodwill, we can’t help but wonder whether model and Celebrity Big Brother star, Chloe Ayling, ever got the apology she was hoping for from Jermaine Lloyd Pennant.

During their time in the Big Brother house in the summer of 2018, the glamour model and the married footballer grew close, sharing a brief flirtation, to the chagrin and astonishment of many viewers.

Chloe has always maintained that she did not know that Jermaine was married until she was informed of it at her eviction interview, but speculation raged online as to whether she was being entirely honest.

However, Chloe is perhaps by now used to doubts and speculation…

Back in July 2017, a media storm erupted over her claim to have been kidnapped in Milan  – and then freed after six days in captivity.

However, Chloe was vindicated in June 2018, when Lukasz Herba was convicted for the kidnapping and sentenced to sixteen years and nine months in prison.

We found Chloe Ayling open, chatty and natural when she spoke to An Idol Mind at the National Reality TV Awards on 26th September 2018, filling us in on the situation with Jermaine: “We spoke at the after party, but we haven’t spoken since then.”

Of he and his wife (Alice Goodwin), she said, without hesitation: “I wish them all the best.”

However, the model did have one small hope: “I never got an apology. I apologised for calling him disgusting because it was a spur of the moment thing and obviously to find that out when you’ve just been evicted, of course it’s a disgusting thing, but I apologised for that. I was kind of expecting an apology back!” she added, laughing good-naturedly.

Chloe Ayling CBB speaks to An Idol Mind

We’re not sure if Chloe got her apology but what we do know is that the 21 year old exuded glamour at the NRT Awards, with a look that seemed to channel the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

So, if you’ve had enough of the winter – because some like it hot – why not try and emulate Marilyn?

Looking good is the best revenge…


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