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Meeting Angus Findley of Made in Chelsea is very confusing…

The model/reality star just isn’t what you’d expect.

Yes, he looks like a model.

Yes, he even looks like that chap on Made in Chelsea.

But that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the resemblance ends.


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To provide you with a quick recap, Angus Findlay is the quiet chap who sometimes hangs out with the quirky Amelia Mist.

Upon arrival, he showed some initiative, optimism, or sheer folly, depending on your view, by attempting to secure a date with Miles Nazaire’s fiery on/off ex, Maeva D’ascanio.

Who promptly cancelled the date.

With a chuckle.

And that was pretty much that…

No more major stories for Angus, just a bit of egg on his face.

This was not particularly surprising as the bigger personalities inevitably get more air time.

So, why is my brain fried / scrambled?

Because when he arrives at CLiKD dating app’s latest glamorous soiree (hosted by Freddie Browne) at Chino Latino, it quickly becomes apparent that Angus Findlay has plenty of personality. Lots to say about life.  And bags of charisma to say it with.

Made in Chelsea's Angus Findley with Jade Wolf of An Idol Mind interviewing him at CLiKD

He’s high energy and an amusing raconteur – but have we ever spotted him being either on the show?

One can only surmise that the Made in Chelsea powers that be think we are just having too much fun watching Maeva/Miles/James implode and the tinkle of their broken hearts, that we couldn’t bear a drop more of merriment.

Not that Angus is proving any luckier in love off the show than he has been on it…

He recently met a girl through Instagram – which really should have been his first clue that he was in for a rude awakening.

But they’d been messaging for a couple of weeks. “Very mysterious on her Instagram,” he tells me (which was his second clue), but “I thought she was very attractive.”

Sure enough, our plucky hero agrees to meet her.

And waited, and waited, and waited, for her to show up…

Wondering when she would arrived, he whipped out his phone: “I phoned her and the phone went off right next to me…it was her.”

Yup, he was “stood right next to her” but “didn’t recognise her.”

Yes, boys, Filters aren’t Faces!

Angus maintains that he hid his disappointment well and – being good natured and a trifle too optimistic – he took her out for a meal:

“I thought ‘Oh well, maybe she’s got a really good personality and we could have a friendship.'” he continues.

“But no. No, no, no, no, no.” he laughs, before revealing that the conversation got a little basic:

“I was resorting to questions like ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ I dipped that low,” he confesses.

Of course, if he really spent the date asking her what her favourite colour was, it’s highly likely that he was also her worst date. Angus, whose ego seems to be a standard size, readily agrees:

“It was her worst date! Terrible!”

Well-adjusted. Funny. Fun. Cheeky.


Well, compose yourself because we’ve only just started to scratch the surface…

For “the biggest misconception by far is that I’ve never had a hard day in my life,” he says in a reflective moment:

I think people feel that because I’m on Made in Chelsea I’m immune to the difficulties of life such as family loss, depression, you know, all that kind of thing. And I can tell you, I’m far from immune from that.

For behind the lightness of Angus’s easy manner, there are the occasional shadows that fall and catch you by surprise:

“I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences and I think being in Made in Chelsea creates an illusion of a silver spoon from birth – and that’s not always the case,” he points out.


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It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Angus that Made in Chelsea has, in recent episodes, covered serious topics such as alopecia and the death of a parent, with real sensitivity.

“A big thing for me is mental health and I knew Made in Chelsea would give me a platform to drive that forward. It’s a huge part of my life. Massive. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past,” he admits without hesitation.

“It’s refreshing to see the cast members open up about very personal things,” he muses thoughtfully.

On Made in Chelsea diamond heirs and trinkets from Tiffanys are on display, but it looks like the show has a hidden treasure right in their back garden.

Let’s hope they discover it. #Angus

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