ITV Love Island: Did you spot the Relationship Red Flags?

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ITV Love Island 2019 is over.

What we can learn from it isn’t.

We’re going to delve deep into the cues, clues and nuances of interactions between our Love Island couples for some more love lessons.

If you’ve ever had doubts about your own relationship, see if it has any of the telltale signs we spotted in our ill-fated Love Island pairings…

When you don’t have the full story…

“So, you didn’t want to crack on with anyone else then?” asked a surprised Anna Vakili of Jordan Hames.

Anna has returned from Casa Amor with Ovie Soko in tow – her gorgeous, funny, loyal new love interest.

She was visibly shocked that the chap she had been having a casual fling with, the chap who had been entirely free of romantic declarations, the chap who had not remotely confirmed any commitment to her, had not re-coupled with someone new during her time away in Casa Amor.

“No,” replied Jordan,“I wanted to prove you wrong and prove to you that I do like you – and that you should trust me. Because I don’t say things if I don’t mean them.”

Anna then admits: “I’m surprised at you. I’m surprised at how you acted and how much you like me.”

Anna was surprised for a good reason.

Because it was surprising – as things that aren’t true often are.

For when Jordan spent the very first night In bed with Casa Amor’s Jourdan Riane, it is unlikely that he did so in an effort to prove to Anna that she should trust him.

After all, there was no trust to break – neither of them owed the other anything. They were not in a relationship.

But as Anna later told viewers: “I feel the same way I felt about him before but maybe even more because now I know how he feels about me.”

If Jordan’s assumed loyalty was the clincher, Anna didn’t have all the facts she needed to make the right decision.

Had she been aware of his unsuccessful pursuit of Jourdan, she might have been more prepared for his later pursuit of India Reynolds  – a mere couple of days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend…

ITV Love Island Lesson: The truth isn’t usually stranger than fiction…

When the chemistry isn’t there…

“There must be something missing…” observed melancholy ballroom dancer, Curtis Prichard, as he ruminated on his relationship with Amy Hart.

He had a point.

Separated from his”half-girlfriend” for just a couple of days (when the females of the villa were whisked off to the Casa Amor villa), his head had already been turned.

Air hostess, Amy, had her own suspicions, even before her return from the get away: “I know me and Curtis have an amazing connection but does he actually fancy me?” she wondered.

If chemistry is a question mark in your relationship so early on, it is more than likely to end in a full stop.

When Jourdan tells Amy that Curtis described her as “beautiful,” Amy is quick to identify the stark difference in how Curtis perceives the pair.

“He never said that to me. He never said you’re a stunning girl,” she observes.

And as Amy points out to Curtis: if you fancy someone you are unlikely to choose making coffee over making out with them.

But Curtis had other priorities…

He wanted “to be the person who gets up and makes everyone coffee so that everyone’s ready for the morning.”

Enough said.

What about Greg O’Shea’s chemistry with Amber Gill, ? After her breakup with Michael Griffiths, she moved on to the affable Irishman.

It’s rare that a woman (and her housemates) need repeatedly remind a chap that he should be more physical with the woman he fancies.

But in Greg’s case this proved necessary…

Greg is based in Ireland and Amber lives in Liverpool so the logistics were never great for the pair.

But now that they’ve broken up you might wonder if their love lesson was Geography – or Chemistry…

ITV Love Island Lesson: If you’re worrying more about coffee than cuddles, she’s not the one…

When everything’s your fault…

“He hasn’t even apologised to us for anything,” said a distressed Amber, in tears, on the balcony. She is talking about her ex-love, Michael, to Molly-Mae Hague and Amy.

“I just don’t understand what I’ve done wrong,” she says, equal parts misery and confusion. “Like for him to dislike us that much and not have that much respect for us that he can’t even say sorry.”

Molly-Mae wishes that Amber had been more open with Michael, while she had the chance – interestingly, Amber agrees.

Of a recent conversation she’d had with Michael, she relates the following:

“I said, ‘This would have been totally different if – this wouldn’t have been happening now if I’d have just been more open with you. He said yeah.”

Amber had her guard up. Amber is closed off. That’s the narrative – but is it true?

Wasn’t Michael the one who wasn’t open? The one who gave no indication that he wanted to break up with Amber?

Yet, in his first night away from her he was hankering to share a bed with newcomer Joanna Chimonides…

Wasn’t he then the one who wanted to “make it clear” that he no longer was interested in Amber – before deciding that he was interested in her, after all – once Joanna had left the villa..?

Amber may have thought everything was her fault but plain talking Maura Higgins shook her head and set her straight:

“No, no. You can’t blame yourself for this. No way.”

ITV Love Island Lesson: It takes two people to make or break a relationship…

Love Island meme of Michael Griffiths calling Amber Gill childish.

When it feels like a game…

A sceptical Jourdan quizzed her near namesake, Jordan, on his determination to win Anna Vakili back after she coupled up with newcomer, Ovie Soko, in Casa Amor:

“Do you want Anna back? Not just for your own actual ego, but do you actually want her back?”

Jordan, who had been enjoying a casual fling with Anna prior to Casa Amor, seeemed unphased by these piercing questions.

He claimed that he did but can you spot the get-out clause in his response?

“Yeah, I do. I’ve never once sat her down and promised her the world but I do like the way we were going so I’d like to carry on how we’re going.”

He finishes their discussion by adding “It’s game on.”

ITV Love Island Lesson: If it feels like a game, you might be a player…

When you get a bad feeling…

“I am worried…” admitted Amber when chatting to Amy and Molly-Mae in Casa Amor about the possibility of Michael’s head being turned while she’s away.

“I’m worried,” chimed in Amy, about her relationship with Curtis. “Because I think boys can be stupid sometimes.”

The girls thought their doubts were a bit silly.

In reality, most relationship issues are heightened through not listening to our gut instincts. They are a basic survival mechanism that used to help keep us alive…

“There’s always been a little bit of doubt in my mind,” confesses a downcast Curtis to the boys straight after breaking up with Amy, “that is she my everything? Is she this? Is she that? And I’m lying to her saying she is.”

ITV Love Island Lesson: Your doubts shouldn’t be doubted…

When you can’t be yourself…

“I feel like I disappeared for a bit.” said Michael to Anton Danyluk as they sunned themselves in Casa Amor, surrounded by new girls.

“You do seem more yourself,” admits Anton.

For loveably funny, sweet Michael, a viewers’ favourite, seems to have metamorphosed into someone else. Someone much more alpha and far less malleable.

And far less popular with viewers.

As Michael puts it to new love interest, Joanna: “Over the past few days I’ve been able to be myself. And I like to say if I’ve got a problem and I feel like I can say that with you.”

Of Amber he had little positive to say: “I don’t feel the same when I speak Amber. I feel like if I say something to her she feels like I’m making an issue.”

Michael adds: “It shouldn’t really hit bumps at this stage, three or four weeks in.”

Love him or loathe him, the man has a point.

ITV Love Island Lesson: You aren’t in a relationship with anyone if you’re not being yourself…

When you’re ignoring the facts…

When Anna was trying to make her mind up between being Ovie and Jordan, she and Jordan have the following clandestine conversation:

“With Ovie…I feel like with Ovie he actually genuinely really cares about me,” she observes.

“And you don’t think I do?” Jordan asks, immediately picking up on her inference.

This is a response which cleverly(?) neither confirms nor denies Anna’s assumption.

Anna ponders her two suitors: “I don’t know – not like he does,” she admits. “He’s always trying to make sure I’m okay…”

She compares how Jordan was when she was coupled up with her to how Ovie is with her – and there is no comparison.

Jordan doesn’t have an answer.

“But I have missed you though,” he says.

This does not answer Anna’s question.

The next day, when Jordan chooses her to go on a date with him, Anna questions his motives – after all, they both admit that he “didn’t show it enough” previously.

“Maybe you’re being like this because you feel like you haven’t got me…” Anna suggests.

This doesn’t prevent her from choosing Jordan over Ovie…

ITV Love Island Lesson: Past behaviour is often a good predictor of future performance…

When they can’t look you in the eye…

The Love Islanders are watching Amy and Curtis sitting together, eating food Amy has made for the pair.

“They’re just goals” the islanders agree, from a distance, with a mixture of admiration and, perhaps, envy.

They’re a “little married couple,” they chorus in agreement.

“Day 1 coupling up and just BOOM!” remarks Anton.

Is there a hint of doubt or suspicion in how easy it has been for the pair? Perhaps.

Newcomer Arabella proves prophetic: 
“They will get tested though, for sure,” she coolly observes.

The camera then focuses in on the couple.

Curtis, polite as always, is thanking Amy for the omelette she made him. He uses strong eye contact and a big smile to do so.

Amy then says: “Do you think we’ll work on the outside?”

“Who? You and me?” he replies.

Have you ever noticed that repeating a question is an excellent way of borrowing extra time to answer difficult questions?

Well, it is.

Interestingly, Amy then looks down and eats her food, seemingly absorbed – she does not look at Curtis’s face while he answers this fairly major life question.

Is that trust? Is this simply a woman who is not looking for clues or cues?

Or are there some answers she’s worried about finding there, if she looks too closely?

Curtis’s brow furrows. He rubs his mouth. He gives a little shake of his head. A strange “Yeah” comes out of his mouth.

He’s not looking at Amy. He’s looking down at his plate.

He follows up with a muffled: “But we don’t know what the future’s going to hold.”

His words are muffled because he has started rubbing his mouth on his wrist.

It’s almost as if there are words he’s trying to prevent from leaving his mouth.

Amy is looking at him now.

“But I actually quite like you,” she says.

She’s looking at Curtis.

And Curtis? Curtis is staring off into the distance, away from her.

“Yeah,” he says distractedly. He doesn’t return the sentiment.

It’s over, I thought.

Yet, it took a while, with no one – not even the couple themselves – seeming to realise that their relationship was over until Amy’s stint in Casa Amor.

ITV Love Island Lesson: It’s not what they say, it’s the way that they say it…

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