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It’s episode 10 of Made in Chelsea series 17 and we’ve been on quite a journey with the new Made in Chelsea cast.

A lot has changed in a few short weeks…

For the once lovelorn Verity Bowditch no longer pines over Chelsea Casanova, James Taylor.

Instead, under Jamie Laing’s tutelage, she has blossomed into a confident member of the clan – and she’s determined to pull her self-deprecating friend, Amelia Mist, into the sunlight with her.

Even if that involves going speed dating with her…

Yes, Amelia remains something of a mystery…

The quirky blonde has been floating in the background all season, handing out cheeky grins, emitting self-conscious snorts of laughter and leaping about playfully.

Instead of taking her rightful place, centre stage, she has been a smiley, ebullient sounding board for more dominant personalities to talk to.

Personalities as strong as Maeva D’Ascanio – for the show begins with her regaling Amelia, Verity, and Freddie Browne with the dramatic events from her recent champagne soiree.

However, Maeva does remember things a little differently than Made in Chelsea viewers will…

According to Maeva, her ex-boyfriend’s date – Sammy Allsop – walked up to her and declared:

“…this is not going to work with Miles because he says that he still has feelings for you…”

In fact, Miles didn’t ever utter those words.

It was Sammy that surmised (probably correctly) that they both still had feelings for each other…

However, although Maeva has long pursued her ex-boyfriend’s affections, the possibility of rekindling their romance is suddenly not of interest.

“I don’t want to ruin the friendship,” says Maeva of her relationship with Miles.

“It’s not a good idea,” agrees the newly wised up Verity, who is talking to Maeva about Miles in the way Jamie once talked to her about James.

“I mean he’s only acting this way because he’s seen you with Hugo,” she points out sensibly.

It is certainly true that Maeva’s tears and entreaties failed to move Miles even one inch in her direction.

It is only now that Maeva has met current squeeze (a dapper Hugo Leefe), that Miles has become surprisingly keen to sustain their relationship…

As friends, of course.

In fact Miles is no longer running from Maeva, he is running with her – literally! The platonic twosome are going for a run later that day.

The fiery pair certainly have a very different relationship to that of James Taylor and Rosi Mai Waldon.

Rosi and James are having one of many civilised conversations the two have shared over recent weeks, this time at Boulestin in St James’s, where they sit looking watchfully at each other from across the table.

Although their relationship has been beset by drama, the pair tend to politely paper over any cracks with small talk and strained smiles.

In fact Rosi’s feelings are hard to determine since, by chance or design, they are often in exact accordance with however James feels like treating her.

For when James wanted to date Rosi, she was happy to do so.

Then, when he slept with an acquaintance of hers whilst still dating her, a cheerful Rosi said that she was fine with it.

When he failed to message her much during his holiday with (two of) his exes, Rosi decided that she was happy to give him that space.

So now that James has decided to end their romance, how will Rosi respond?

James is a more forthcoming and open individual these days and he sets out his feelings quite frankly:

“…In South Africa, we were away from each other and I very much said to myself: I really don’t see a relationship coming out of this,” he says, not unkindly.

But Rosi is already nodding her head in agreement.

James continues: “And I think we should just be friends.”

She is, yet again, on the same page as James:

And I think I just right now really need to be single and enjoy myself and you probably need the same thing.
Rosi Mai Waldon



But it is now episode 10 of series 17 and are any of us really sure how Rosi feels, what Rosi wants, and who Rosi is?

Does James even know?

Miles doesn’t have this problem. He knows his ex all too well.

He therefore knows how Maeva feels about Hugo….

The confident scamp tells her: “I know your type and he’s definitely not your type.”

Maeva protests – she is keen to let Miles know how happy she is:

“As we moved on we feel good now. Finally!”

Miles looks a little discomfited by this notion…

“You’re officially moved on?” he queries.

“Yeah, well, I’m moving on.” is Maeva’s swift response.

Moving,” says Miles, noting that he isn’t in the past yet. Not yet…

Meanwhile, two people gazing into the future are Liv Bentley and Jamie Laing.

The two friends are sitting in his Candy Kitten sweet empire – which looks suspiciously like a regular office and not like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of our dreams – discussing Jamie’s Big Secret.

Specifically, they are wondering if Jamie has a future with his secret crush, Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo. The golden girl who happens to be his best female friend.

“I may have done something…” begins Liv, with a guilty grin, “maybe suck on a sweet while I tell you this,” she advises him.

She breaks the news: “I told Habbs that you fancy her.”

“What…?” Jamie is stunned.

Although he drunkenly admitted to Liv that he fancied Habbs when they were all in South Africa together, the knowledge that his confession has been shared has left him looking rather pink and flustered.

In fact he seems to be trying to disappear from the situation by melding himself to the tabletop

Failing in this ambitious endeavour, our blond imp gasps:

I think I’m going to have a heart attack.
Jamie Laing

But Liv is not to be deterred:

“In all seriousness, how do you actually feel about Habbs?” she asks, showing no mercy.

Jamie manages to recover himself:

“I’m…immensely fond of Habbs, I really am.” he says very seriously.

And it feels like an understatement.

Yet later on, at OPSO in Marylebone, Habbs isn’t convinced…

Liv is telling her that Jamie now knows…that she knows

And Liv also points out that Jamie hasn’t denied his feelings for Habbs.

Yes, it is fair to say that Liv is on a mission to bring the two together…

But why?

After all, Habbs is the ex-girlfriend of Sam Thompson – one of Jamie’s best friends – and Sam was heartbroken when Habbs ended their relationship.

And Sam is one of Liv’s friends, too.

To further complicate matters, Jamie is newly single and it is possible that none of this will be comfortable viewing for his ex-girlfriend, Heloise Agostinelli.

Habbs is also good friends with Frankie Gaff; another one of Jamie’s exes…

Poor Habbs, who seems tortured and tickled in equal measure by news of Jamie’s feelings for her, is still trying to be sensible:

“I think this all just needs to stop because there’s nothing that could ever happen!” she says firmly.

But she does seem rather flustered – a bit like Jamie…

Perhaps that’s why her friends keep grinning at her, like proud parents whose daughter is experiencing her first crush.

However, the road to true love never runs smooth.

For Jamie, despite Liv’s best efforts, is adamant that nothing is ever going to happen:

I’m not going to say anything ever. Because there’s no point.
Jamie Laing

Yes, despite idolising Peter Pan, Jamie has matured more than he knows.

He later tells Liv:

“I couldn’t because of my ex, I couldn’t because of Sam. He said to me: you can never date Habbs.”

But Liv has seen a change in Jamie that she hasn’t seen before and she cannot ignore it:

“…she brings something out in you that…you behave so much more like yourself. You’re so calm and it’s so rare that you find someone who does that to you and it would be such a shame to not do anything about it,” she says.

Three questions immediately spring to mind:

  1. If Digby dumped Liv, how forgiving would she honestly be if her best female friend started a relationship with him a few months later?
  2. However, if Habbs and Jamie do couple up and are still happily together in 20 years time, as Liv hopes, won’t everyone feel that it has been worth it?
  3. How likely is scenario number 2?

Jamie may be in at the deep end of the dating pool, but Verity and Amelia are dipping their toes in at their speed dating event.

Verity is in high spirits while Amelia seems to revel in her own awkwardness, declaring to one fellow:

I’m as single as a lonely Pringle in a Pringle pot!
Amelia Mist

To be fair, this is actually a positive statement – a Pringle crisp doesn’t generally remain in the pot for very long in any right thinking household.

And so it is with Amelia! For who should saunter into her sights but Hugo…

Yes, the Hugo who has been dating Maeva coolly sits down with Verity, Amelia and Amelia’s Schtick – and Amelia immediately recognises him:

“You’re the one who Maeva asked out…” she recollects.

Hugo is unfazed by her surprise:

I woke up this morning and thought: let’s try something new.
Hugo Leefe

Yes, Hugo seems to enjoy nonchalance.

“Why are you on a speed date?” he asks Amelia.

“Because I’m desperate and lonely!” Amelia’s Schtick announces before punctuating the sentence with a large guffaw.

“That’s not the right thing to say on a speed date,” Hugo observes, but he’s smiling…

1 nil to Amelia’s Schtick!

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Maeva also seems pleased with herself.

She is telling James Taylor that Miles broke up with Sammy “because he still has feelings for me and blah, blah, blah blah!”

“He said that to you?” queries a surprised James.

“He said that to her,” insists Maeva.

Miles said nothing of the sort. Still, he certainly was exhibiting signs of jealousy…

James, who recently ended his friendship with Miles for the most spurious of reasons, cautions against going back to her ex, but Maeva is quick to silence him:

“It’s a new chapter,” she declares flamboyantly: “Miles and Maeva – future friends!”

Well, I wish the best for you both. Good f*cking luck.
James Taylor

“You’re so negative,” says a disappointed Maeva.

“Because there’s only negatively attached to it,” James returns, before admitting that his falling out with Miles may be another reason for his lack of enthusiasm.

More negativity is afoot as the long-simmering tension between James’ ex-dates, Eliza Batten and Rosi reaches boiling point…

Eliza previously confessed to Sammy that she had felt a pang of jealousy that James was seeing Rosi,

Now that she is back in Blighty, she has another one of her James-related confessions to make – and Rosi and Freddie are her audience of choice…

The story is that she and James were watching a football match the night before and shared a “celebratory” kiss when his team won.

“So, do you just go around kissing everyone?” is the inflammatory question Rosi now puts to her.

“Rosi, let’s not insinuate anything here…” gasps an ambushed Eliza. “No, I don’t…but it’s…” and she trails off helplessly.

Rosi’s position is that either Eliza snogs all her friends – or that James must be very special to her…

And as we have learnt from this particular series of Made in Chelsea, it’s very important that you don’t care about whoever you’re dating.

Otherwise it’s embarrassing should the dating come to a halt…

Rosi continues:

“So, it is James, so it’s one or the other, because it’s either very casual to go and kiss whoever you want or it’s James specific and it’s like oh wow…well, and I’m just quite glad actually, so thank you,” she adds, with a big smile, “because now I really don’t give a sh*t.”

We have learnt that Rosi “really” doesn’t care now. But does that mean that she did care a little previously?

Their little squabble soon fades into the background though, for the usually lighthearted Alex Mytton has a much deeper wound to share.

Alex, who always speaks so softly, has the loudest voice of all in this episode because he has recently lost his mother to brain cancer.

He speaks with such simple honesty about his experience that all the other stories feel almost inconsequential.

Here he is talking to Jamie about the moment he had to say goodbye:

“It’s a very surreal moment. You never ever picture, you never think: Oh, there might be a time when I actually have to sit there and say the last words. It’s one of the hardest things you have to do because you feel like you need to – in that moment – construct and deliver something that means so much.”

“And it’s really f*cking hard to do,” Alex continues, “because often words can’t really get it out. And I found it hard to say how I felt. And another part of this is that you don’t want to say these things because – you don’t want them to hear it – because it’s like an acceptance and admittance that they are about to pass away…”

It’s undoubtably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with, for sure.
Alex Mytton

Jamie is in tears.

“I’m supposed to be the one crying, not you,” teases Mytton gently, with a return to his customary humour. But his eyes aren’t smiling and the sadness in Jamie’s eyes reflects that of his own.

“I’ll be there for you whenever you need, I swear to God. I swear to God,” Jamie vows.

And we believe him.

Because Made in Chelsea has always been about friendships, more than love affairs or break ups.

After all, who in the cast would even care about each others love affairs or break ups – if they weren’t first good friends?

Without that foundation, Made in Chelsea and everything in it wouldn’t matter.

So, have James and Eliza also become friends?

For Eliza is having drinks with the lothario in The Phene and talking about that kiss – and she doesn’t have romance on her mind…

“It’s was a bl*ody kiss! I  don’t know why everyone’s making it such a big deal,” she says crossly.

Of course, by “everybody” Eliza is probably referring to Rosi…

“When I told her about the kiss she trapped me in a bit of a corner because she gave me a very odd ultimatum where she said: either you kiss all your friends or you kiss James because he’s special!” she fumes.

James seems amused, slightly wary, yet friendly, all at the same time.

And we’ve never seen Eliza so human:

She flustered me! She riled me up! God, I’m still fuming!
Eliza Batten

However, she is now very clear about how she feels about James: her temporary bubble of jealousy has burst and she no longer has feelings for him.

“So,” says James, as slowly and carefully as any lawyer, “So, you’re saying that you did once want me…and you don’t now?”

“When I couldn’t have you,” she agrees, “and now that I can have you, I no longer want you!”

And Eliza is mature enough to be able to laugh at the silliness of it all.

But it does seem a moot point because could anyone have had James?

Eliza, Rosi and Verity are all affirming that they don’t want to invest in an item that has never actually been in stock…

Fortunately, Hugo, at least, does seem to be available; post speed date we learn that Amelia and he shared a little kiss.

And she’s already received a text from the confident blond saying that he had a great time…

There’s just one tiny problem…

“There’s nothing to be scared of – except Maeva – when she says: ‘What are you doing with my Hugo?'” chuckles Verity, a veritable mistress of understatement.

Luckily, Maeva is right at this moment playing table tennis with Hugo, which gives him the perfect opportunity to update her…

And as is in keeping with this series of Made in Chelsea, Maeva, of course, thinks the  fact that he went speed dating is totally cool…

But she cannot resist adding:

“Well, after sleeping with my ex, she’s going to obviously try with you!”

She then quickly amends her position, saying of her friend:

“I really appreciate her – she’s a kind person, it’s just like funny…”

“So, do you want another game of table tennis?” ask an unperturbed Hugo, studying her face.

Maeva looks like she’d rather be anywhere else with anyone else.

Hugo laughs.

Meanwhile, Liv, Melissa Tattam and Harry Baron are in Battersea, sitting around a table at The Farmer’s Mistress and are all absolutely baffled that Jamie has still not talked about his feelings with Habbs…

“If he felt that way he would have said,” says an in denial Habbs, “he’s not even a shy person,” she points out.

But her friends are clearly undeterred by Jamie’s silence:

“You guys together look like a couple,” Liv tells Habbs, “like you were made for each other and so, from our point of view, all we want is for you guys to be together,”

Habbs is as stubborn (or as principled) as Jamie – she won’t bring it up unless he does:

“If he says something to me, then I’d address it,” she says, keen to bury her head in the sand until this eventuality.

Meanwhile across town, Jamie and Alex are discussing that very situation – and Mytton is urging caution.

“It’s like wrong in many dimensions, sadly.” he laughs – and suggests that Jamie is attracted to Habbs because he likes forbidden fruit…

“It’s not that…I…um…” And for once Jamie is lost for words.

“What?” asks Mytton.

Jamie seems tongue-tied: “I don’t know.”

“What were you going to say… You quite like her?” pursues Mytton, peering closely at Jamie’s face and smiling. “No, what were you going to say?”

Jamie mumbles.

More than that?” queries Mytton (The pair appear to be speaking their own private language.)

“No!” exclaims a nervy Jamie.

“I wouldn’t be surprised…” observes Mytton, “you do jump in pretty….fast.”

Jamie talks shyly: “I just quite like her…her soul! I just quite like her vibes…”

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that!” laughs Mytton, not unkindly.

He urges Jamie to weigh up the pros and cons before me makes any moves…

“On the one side, you get on so well, you have a great time. You like her soul..” he laughs again, amused by his friend, “as you said… On the other side, there’s a load of exes – one of which is like your best mate. It’s going to cause a lot of destruction for you and for her.”

And Mytton is right. Those are the facts.

On a lighter note, some of the Made in Chelsea cast are clay pigeon shooting at Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club in East Sussex.

Predictably, they are decked out from head to toe in tweed – and German goddess, Sophie Hermann is sporting the most enormous puffed tweed sleeves that would drown a lesser personality.

With all the guns within easy vicinity, it is an odd time to confess to kissing a friend’s date, but Amelia is a straight shooter.

“I just really wanted to tell you, because I value our friendship,” she says, addressing Maeva, “and I just wanted to tell you that we did go out that night and we had a minute peck…” she says of her speed date with Hugo.

Maeva, who is perhaps not such a straight shooter, teases her by pretending to be annoyed by this revelation while a panicking Amelia makes her excuses.

A laughing Maeva then reassures her: “Darling, I’m just joking.”

“We live another day.” says a chirpy Amelia to a relieved Verity.

Well, did anyone really think that Maeva was interested in any man other than Miles?

But Maeva isn’t the only one who has unfinished business with Miles; James has realised the error of his ways.

He and Miles meet on a bench and James issues a frank apology for the considerable role he played in unravelling their once tight-knit friendship.

Miles has a transparent face at the best of times…

….and it would be hard not to observe the happiness in his eyes no matter how hard he tries to look cross with James.

“Thank you for letting me talk to you I guess, rather than rugby tackling me,” says an unusually humble James.

“Look mate, you’ve been a massive a*sehole – you have,” laughs Miles but his face is awash with relief.

“Yeah, I know,” agrees James.

And humility suits James, better even than tweed; he should consider wearing it more often.

The pair sit peacefully drinking in each other’s company. Could this be a new start for the Chuckle Brothers?

Of course, Liv is hoping to ensure a new start for her two friends, and she has a plan…

In many a horror story, the victim is lured down the the riverside and then surprised by their assailant.

Liv’s plan is no different. First, she walks a suspicious Jamie to the river, then she tells him that Habbs will be arriving shortly…

But before Habbs arrives, Liv has a few words to say about Sam Thompson:

“If he was a true friend to you and saw that you were the happiest you’ve ever been with a girl that he used to date it shouldn’t let it bother him,” she tells him.

“But what’s going to happen?” asks Jamie.

“Well, what do you think? You fall madly in love, marry and have loads of babies,” says his friend.

We’re not sure that she’s joking…

And what does the legendary commitment-phobe Jamie say?

He thinks about it and says:

“OK…that sounds quite beaut…”

And he sounds surprised that the idea pleases him.

So are we.

As Jamie is soon to leave for a trip to Brazil, Liv hammers the point home:

“Imagine looking back and you guys go your separate ways because you’ve never said anything and then you’ll always wonder,” she says.

But Jamie has spotted Habbs fast approaching:

“Ok, here she comes now, act cool,” he says looking embarrassed.

Liv immediately departs and leaves the two shy lovebirds to it.

Jamie, who may be unacquainted with what “cool” means, closes his eyes tight and cringes as he tells Habbs that he fancies her “a bit.”

Habbs makes a decent attempt to sound surprised by this revelation.

And she doesn’t seem displeased…

Revealingly, she says; “I think you know…how I feel. I like you too.”

“Oh no!” groans Jamie, covering his eyes with his hands.

“Don’t cover your eyes!” exclaims Habbs.

“I didn’t think you were going to say it,” says Jamie looking genuinely irked that their feelings are now out in the open.

He feels guilty.

“I feel like a terrible person…” he says, which shows us that Jamie isn’t a terrible person at all.

“Look, even if we wanted something to happen then it could never happen,” he tells her, proving it.

Habbs doesn’t argue.

“It’s sad but there’s nothing we can do,” she says, looking a bit deflated. “We’re just going to stay best friends. And we’ll just put the secret to bed.”

They look at each other. It’s sweet yet very, very #awkward.

“You’re great,” says Jamie.

“You’re great,” says Habbs.

They look at each other and hug.

And there we leave them, in an impossible situation, down by the riverside.

Yes, you are both great. And so is Sam Thompson. And, for now at least, the pair are putting him first…

Should Jamie have shared his big secret with Habbs? Give your view in the comments section below!

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