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Did the Season of Goodwill present Chloe Ayling with an apology?

in Celebrity Big Brother
Chloe Ayling 2018 Celebrity Big Brother

In the Season of Goodwill, we can’t help but wonder whether model and Celebrity Big Brother star, Chloe Ayling, ever got the apology she was hoping for from Jermaine Lloyd Pennant.

During their time in the Big Brother house in the summer of 2018, the glamour model and the married footballer grew close, sharing a brief flirtation, to the chagrin and astonishment of many viewers.

Chloe has always maintained that she did not know that Jermaine was married until she was informed of it at her eviction interview, but speculation raged online as to whether she was being entirely honest.

However, Chloe is perhaps by now used to doubts and speculation…

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